C.R. Pap pap Troxell

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Chris was born April 15, 1957 in Hollywood, Florida, and relocated to Yancey County, North Carolina in 1971 with his family.  

In 1976 Chris married Sherry Yvonne Peterson, who passed away in June 2013. They had two children: a son Christopher Jason, who passed away in December 2013, and a daughter Alecia Beth. Chris’s aka of “Pap Pap” is justly claimed as he has four grandchildren, Gabriel, Anton, Elizabeth, and Ronan.

Chris currently lives and works in Burnsville, North Carolina.


Chris started painting at the age of 10. He started painting with Sherry in 1989 after having a dream in which they were working together on the same paintings. The last painting Sherry worked on was in 2005. Since then, Chris has been trying new things all the time. Exploring new ideas, new takes on Nursery Rhymes, children’s stories and legends and folklore has kept him busy.


Chris has earned various First, Second and Third Place awards as well as many Honorable Mentions throughout his years of painting.

Chris has a painting in the permanent collection at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina. His work can be found in numerous private collections in the United States and abroad.

Fun Facts

  • Chris shares a birthday with Leonardo Da Vinci, exactly 505 years apart, and, like the great master, is left-handed.

  • Chris first started painting in oils, but switched to acrylics in 1990 so he could work faster.

  • Chris uses some of the same painting techniques used by the old masters like underpaintings, glazes and dry brush with shadows and highlights.

“My goal is to paint each painting better than the last, to always do my best!”