Monday, October 27, 2014

Highway 80 South Art Hop 2014

The Art Hop was a couple of weekends ago, not quite at the peak of leaf season here in the South Toe Valley, and we've been hopping ever since.

Photographer Sue Wasserman

Sue Wasserman's book "Walk with Me"

Gallery Owner Kari Weaver with Painter Charlie Frye
Charlie Frye painting outside

Clay Artist Esela Shackelford

Estela Shackelford demonstrating how she makes her leaf bowls
Estela Shackelford
"Pap Pap" Troxell

Painter Christopher "Pap Pap" Troxell
Woodcarver Carol Guzek

Wood carvings by Carol Guzek

Gallery Gal Ellen and Kari busy with visitors

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Setting the Record Straight

The Ice Cream Deck has finally broken their silence
Nice announcement. I’m glad to see the Ice Cream Deck is looking forward to new opportunities in another location, instead of backwards to the ones they squandered and spoiled after moving into the One of a Kind Art Gallery. Their announcement actually implies that they are moving to the location of their dreams by choice, rather than admitting that their bullying tactics and excessive demands caused me to decide that another food service tenant would better suit my Gallery.

The beginning of the end was when lease negotiations with the Deck fell apart in early May. They insisted on a provision that allowed them two years to purchase 50% interest in my building, stating “it needs to be in here as part of the consideration for the lease agreement” meaning that they would not sign the lease we’d been working on unless I agreed to sell them half of my building. I declined to agree with the provision, and they refused to sign the new lease I had my attorney draw up.

They have known since mid-June that they would need to leave by August 31. The above notice, posted outside their door yesterday, is the first public announcement I have seen. The wording is optimistic. I suppose that they thought it was not in their best interest to mention the havoc, expense, and emotional turmoil that they have caused by not leaving when I terminated their lease. By giving them over 60 days notice, rather than the 7 days required by law, my act of kindness was rewarded with them refusing to leave, which forced me to pursue legal action to evict them.

I was awarded the Writ of Possession Monday to reclaim the part of my building that they seized, and if they have not completely vacated by 1:00 on Friday, September 26, the Sheriff’s Dept will change the locks and physically remove them from the premises.

The last 24 days have been torture. They have remained in my building and open for business, in my face, every single day. This has been the eviction process. And this has been legal.

I will be overjoyed to be rid of them.

I am choosing peace over conflict.

I am choosing light over darkness.

I am choosing love over hate and fear.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Alexander Miles Dreyer Obituary

Alexander Miles Dreyer, age 33, of Celo, North Carolina, died suddenly after a brief illness on August 19, 2014. Miles was born in his grandparents’ home in Celo in 1981. He was a curious and inventive child with a quirky take on almost everything and was one of the funniest kids ever. He attended South Toe Elementary School, East Yancey Middle School, and Mountain Heritage High School. When he was 16, he left high school and completed his GED, graduating with honors.

Yancey County has an unusual concentration of glassblowers, and Miles became fascinated by this craft at a young age. He was welcomed into the studio of Billy and Katie Bernstein, first as a spectator and eventually as an assistant. After he left high school, he took his first class at Penland School of Crafts and after taking a number of workshops there and serving as a studio assistant three times, Penland invited him to teach a workshop in flameworked glass in 2011. He met his future wife Polly Lorien, a glass artist, at Penland School and they worked together for two years at Hot Island Glass on the island of Maui until they returned to Yancey County in 2008. Miles and Polly were married in Celo on July 25, 2009; Polly gave birth to their beautiful daughter Ginger Mae Lorien in 2013.

Upon their return to Yancey County, Miles and Polly started two glass operations that produced affordable handmade glass objects that minimized fuel consumption. Miles also worked for Atomic Solar, where he was proud to be involved with sustainable energy. In recent years, he ran the shipping department at Mountain Electronics, and he also did weekly information collection from a Mount Mitchell weather station that is part of a national climate trends research project.

Miles Dreyer lived life fully and with passion. He worried about the state of the world, challenged other people’s ideas, advocated for fairness in everything he did, and pursued knowledge for its own sake. He was an artist, a cook, a problem-solver, and a skilled maker of useful things. He was reliable, he kept his commitments, and he took tender care of his family and his friends. He was taken from us too soon, but he touched countless lives in the time he was given.
He is survived by his wife, Polly Lorien (451 Firefly Drive; Burnsville, NC 28714); his daughter, Ginger Mae Lorien; his brother, Julian Dreyer (14 Fern Street; Asheville, NC 28803); his parents Robin Dreyer and Tammy Hitchcock (940 Grindstaff Road;  Burnsville, NC 28714); and his grandmother, Donna Jean Dreyer. (880 Grindstaff Road; Burnsville, NC 28714).

A memorial service will be held at 4:00 PM on Sunday, August 31 under a tent at the Celo Community soccer field on Hannah Branch Road, rain or shine. The family invites anyone who would like to continue the celebration of Miles’s life to join them for supper, music, and conversation at 7:00 p.m. at the Celo Community Center. A salad or dessert would be welcome. Call Karin Rollett at 675-9671 with questions.

A fund has been established for Polly and Ginger. Checks may be made to The Polly Lorien Fund and sent to: State Employees Credit Union; Attention Gretchen Whitson; P.O. Box 1179; Burnsville, NC 28714.

Friday, August 22, 2014

RIP Miles Dreyer

It's been three days since one of our artists, Miles Dreyer, passed away unexpectedly, and I have been without words. What words can be found for the tragedy of the loss of someone so young, with such a rich life and so much ahead of him? I'm sure I am not the only one who has been stunned into silence.

A couple of years ago, he brought jewelry to the Gallery. A short time after, he brought cards describing what he created. What appeared to be simple pendants were so much more. Reading about his concept gave me insight into the man as an artist and a thinker.
Tokens are the antiquated currency of the future
You have just purchased, traded for, or been given a token made from my time, the earth's minerals, and ancient solar energy. This token is an idea, a symbol, and an object. It is a talisman and an amulet. You define its power. Your token's beauty evolves once you give it meaning. Give it to a loved one or exchange it for a meal. Hang it from leather, string it on cotton. Cherish it or trade it. Incorporate it into your own art. Use it as adornment or gratuity. It's yours to share with the world.
I didn't know Miles very well. When I met him, he seemed easygoing but quiet. Actions speak louder than words, and what I observed that Miles was a loving husband and father, and a vital part of the community. Our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Parting Ways

It is with some regret that I announce that the Ice Cream Deck will no longer be doing business at 573 Micaville Loop after the end of August. What had the promise of becoming a dynamic business partnership did not come into being, and One of a Kind needs the kind of vibrant eatery that can match the artwork and the music. Stay tuned for updates!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Upcoming Music Events

Every Saturday Morning, David A. Wiseman host a Jam in the Loft from 10:00 am until 12:00, 1:00 and sometimes closer to 2:00. Everyone is welcome. The Ice Cream Deck opens at 10:00 on Saturday with coffee and baked goods.

A typical Saturday morning in the Loft at Dragon's Tone Music
Saturday, May 24 marks Bob Dylan's birthday, and Ron Greene, a Jam regular is hosting the First Annual Bobfest. Join us for a mini music festival starting at noon to celebrate Bob Dylan’s birthday! Everyone is invited to play, sing, and/or listen to songs that Bob has written through the years.

The tentative schedule includes performances by Yves Giraud, David A. Wiseman, Ellis Aycock, Joy Boothe and Rob Levin, Stan Beach, Larry Howell, Bob Jones and Sam McKinney, Ron Greene, Pete Easton, and Gred Gross.

On Saturday May 31, the Gallery is hosting Yves Giraud’s CD Release Party for “The Traveler” from 6:00 to 8:00.

French-American singer-songwriter Yves Giraud will be performing live for the official release of his latest album “The Traveler”, which he recorded in Celo. Joining Yves will be locals Nancy Wood, harmonizing on vocals, and Eric Witherspoon, on harmonica and fiddle.

Yves' unique songwriting style combines adult contemporary pop, jazz and rock, and has been compared to the likes of John Mayer and Matt Nathanson.

Come enjoy Yves’ soothing vocals and impressive guitar playing and get the very first release of “The Traveler”. Food and refreshments will be served. This event is free. For more information, call 828-675-0690.